Release Types


  • For advanced users only.
  • Installed manually.
  • The most recent updates.
  • Active participation in the development of the program
  • Experimental features

The most unstable version of the application. At any moment, it can close, break down and stop working in any other way. But it has the freshest updates. If you are not afraid of problems with use, want to see the latest updates and want to help in the development of the project – install it.


  • Preferred for advanced users
  • Updated automatically, but for now also on beta
  • Updates less frequently than in alpha

Polished alpha. More stable, more reliable. But still preferable for advanced users.
If you want to help the project, but are not ready to deal with serious bugs, install it.

At the moment, STN is constantly in a Beta state. And it will be until the developer adds the minimum required functionality.

So far, it is the Beta version that comes with auto-updates.


  • Suitable for any user.
  • Updates automatically (you need to confirm the installation)
  • Minimum problems with the use
  • Updates not so often

Stable, user-tested version. The chance that it will stop working, reset, or do something unexpected is close to 0.

ATTENTION: If you encounter any bugs or errors, please report them to the Official Group under the #bug tag

15.12 Beta

  • Player: fixed cases when next video can’t play

15.11 Beta

  • Player: unsupported resolutions also removed from formats and presets
  • Home section bugfix: only loading 5 videos to recommended

15.10 Beta

  • Player: unsupported codecs has been removed from the formats and presets
  • Previous update fixes

15.09 Beta

  • ATV: another fix for empty Recommendations
  • Minor fixes

15.08 Beta

  • ATV: fixed empty Recommendations for the Android TV launcher
  • SponsorBlock: fixed situations when nearly located segments aren’t skipped

15.06 Beta

  • Previous release fixes

15.05 Beta

  • Fixed recent bug when the cards have no previews in the Subscriptions and other sections
  • Player: added button for quick SponsorBlock activation
  • The language switch button has been added to the top of the main window
  • Vertical videos formats have been renamed to be more conformed with the official app

14.99 Stable

  • Contains cumulative changes from the beta with the same version number. All bugs transferred too)
  • Updated less frequently than the beta
  • All metrics (e.g. crashlytics) have been removed
  • App name has been shortened (SmartTube) and the icon changed to the red one
  • Chinese firmware support (the beta is banned in China)

14.99 Beta

  • Getting ready for the stable release.
  • Minor stability improvements. Most of the bugs are still not fixed yet.

14.96 Beta

  • Added new 5.1 audio formats (presence of such formats depends on the video)
  • Playback queue sync improvements

14.95 Beta

  • History lost fix

14.93 Beta

  • Fixed situations when the application crashed immediately after the start
  • Huge improvements to the playback queue feature. Now you can see in suggestions tracks that will be played next.
    You can also edit the playback queue when playing.

14.91 Beta

  • Android 4 crashfix
  • AFR: added experimental real cinema mode fix
  • Account icons now properly cropped
  • Main page clock setting decoupled from the player’s one

14.90 Beta

  • Added new context menu for upcoming translations: Set/Unset stream reminder. Playback will start automatically when the stream will be ready.
  • UI update: clock has been added to the main page (Settings/General/Misc/Clock)
  • UI update: generic account icons changed to actual ones
  • UI update: player subtitle button and add playlist button now properly highlighted

14.87 Beta

  • New setting item: Settings/SponsorBlock/Misc/Use alternative server (use it if SponsorBlock is blocked by the provider)
  • Previous release fixes

14.86 Beta

  • Previous release fixes

14.84 Beta

  • Added Sort playlist context menu option (owned playlists only)
  • Optimizations for devices with 1GB ram

14.82 Stable China

  • Cumulative fixes from the beta 14.82
  • Metrics has been removed
  • Changed app name (SmartTube) and icon (similar to NewPipe)
  • Chinese firmware support (where beta can’t be installed)

14.81 Beta

  • Remove/Rename/Create playlist functionality slightly improved

14.76 Beta

  • New context menu options: Add video to new playlist, Create playlist, Rename playlist, Remove playlist

14.75 Beta

  • Added new context menu item: Save/Remove this playlist from Playlists section (Signed users only. This action is synced with your account.)

14.73 Beta

  • Added new old options to background playback settings: Settings/General/Background playback

14.69 Beta

  • Reverted old PIP behavior where videos are going to fullscreen automatically and closing video on back press (too many complains)

14.68 Beta

  • Added Subtitle bottom shift option: Settings/Subtitles/Subtitles bottom shift
  • PIP mode change: automatic fullscreen when returning to the app

14.67 Beta

  • PIP mode behavior significantly changed. Feel free to add any suggestions. The app tries to maintain this mode as long as possible. To exit use button on the top of the screen.
  • Background playback also reworked (Settings/General/Background playback). Feel free to add any suggestions.

14.65 Beta

  • Unsigned mode improvements: search history is remembered and more relevant suggestions
  • Added exit PIP button to the top of the screen
  • Not recommend context menu item moved one position down

14.64 Beta

  • Player: added seek interval button (seek interval can be changed on fly, very convenient for short videos)
  • Focus fix when moving sidebar sections up

14.63 Beta

  • Added accounts button to top of the screen
  • Added share button into the player

14.62 Beta

  • Added player button tooltips
  • New option to disable tooltips: Settings/Player/Misc/Show button tooltips

14.61 Beta

  • Minor ram optimizations
  • New option: Settings/Player/Misc/Remember position of short videos

14.60 Stable China

  • Cumulative fixes from the beta 14.60
  • Changed app name (SmartTube) and icon (similar to NewPipe)
  • Chinese firmware support (where beta can’t be installed)

14.60 Beta

  • Fixed broken suggestions, likes, subscribe etc

14.59 Stable China

  • Cumulative fixes from the beta 14.59
  • Changed app name (SmartTube) and icon (similar to NewPipe)
  • Chinese firmware support (where beta can’t be installed)

14.59 Beta

  • Previous release fixes

14.57 Beta

  • New context menu item: Play. Could be disabled in the settings.

14.56 Beta

  • Fixing: update check produces error on Android 4

14.55 Beta

  • Unplayable videos fix.

14.53 Beta

  • Casting fix: unable to connect when device has been turned off for a long time or internet connection was absent

14.52 Beta

  • Casting: now playback won’t be paused after last item in the queue

14.51 Beta

  • Fixed bug when sometimes the video player stays active, while the app menu crashed

14.50 Beta

  • Fixed bug when new language applied partially (e.g. dialogs have system language)
  • Crashfixes